"You will enjoy the myriad of new ideas and activities." "As an early childhood educator for over 35 years I must say that this book would be a welcome purchase for anyone teaching young children. Nina has compiled an excellent resource. This practical and friendly handbook contains a wealth of useful information. It is organized the way we teach by month and unit themes. It will help you develop an excellent repertoire of ideas." -Linda Noel, pre-kindergarten teacher, The Wilson School in St. Louis, MO 

The audience for this book

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How is the book organized?

The book is organized into storytime themes by month and week, with an entire year's worth of themes plus holidays. Care has been taken to space out the snacks, crafts and games so that there is not immediate repetition but some attention to using similar craft or snack parts fairly close together for budgeting, purchasing and ease of preparation. There is a template at the back of the book to help you plan each storytime. Because several alternates are provided for each game, craft and snack, the book could be used for years without repetition.

Who is Nina Schatzkamer Miller?

Formerly the Children's Area Specialist at Borders, now an author and artist. Weekly storytime began with the group gathering to sing, making introductions and assembling our felt board friend. We'd read several books, sing or do a fingerplay and then play a game before the children got restless. Then a poem or another book, another game, another book and then craft time. We'd finish with snacks with music in the background. Then one more book while the children ate snack. We packed a lot into our storytime!

From the author:

"I searched for several years for a complete storytime guide and not find one. There were books about crafts, games, books to read...but not one book in which all things essential to a complete storytime experience for preschoolers could be found."

We look forward to being a helpful resource for all of you who would like to provide a wonderful and meaningful experience for children at storytime. Storytime is for everyone! You might be the first person to read to the child or children in your care. This is an important event! You're an educator! You're an entertainer!

Children's books are wonderfully written and a visit to the library or bookstore will yield dozens that children will love, with some becoming favorites to be read repeatedly. Use the lists at the end of each chapter in the book to point toward books that appeal to your children's particular interests. The lists are organized in the same way as the books at the library or store, by author's last name.

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